Including Orientation Week, the Catch Up Week, and the Extended Critique Period, Animation Bootcamp runs for a grand total of twelve weeks, but there are only six weeks of new lessons and assignments.

Here’s a breakdown of the different weeks.

Orientation Week:  During the first week of Bootcamp, you’ll receive access to the Student Portal and invitations to your session’s Facebook group well as an assignment designed to give your TA a chance to see where you’re at before the course begins. The workload for this week is intentionally light to give you time to get settled and meet your TA and fellow students.

Course Weeks: There are six course weeks of Animation Bootcamp. Every weekday during a course week, you’ll get access to new content such as lesson videos, reading, assignments, and so on. You can read more about how an Animation Bootcamp course week is scheduled here.

Extended Critique: After the final course week of Animation Bootcamp, the extended critique period begins. During this four week period, you won’t get any new coursework and you’ll be able to finish and submit any remaining assignments or revisions to your TA for critique.