Ultimately, this depends on your current level of experience and what you're trying to learn.

If you're just starting off and don't have much - or any - experience using After Effects, we recommend starting off with After Effects Kickstart. This course will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to After Effects and Animation.

Animation Bootcamp is designed for intermediate-level After Effects users who have a fair amount of experience with the software (typically, about six months worth) who want to refine their animation skills.

Character Animation Bootcamp is a bit more advanced and specific than Animation Bootcamp and focuses on animating pre-made character rigs. Unless you’re super comfortable managing a TON of keyframes and real cozy with the Graph Editor, we recommend taking Animation Bootcamp before Character Animation Bootcamp.

Rigging Academy is entirely self-paced and teaches you how to construct your own rigs. We definitely recommend taking Character Animation Bootcamp first because experience animating pre-made rigs is invaluable when constructing your own.

Design Bootcamp is unique among our courses because - aside from an option part of the final project - you won't be doing any animation in this course. Instead, you'll learn how to create design boards which serve as the blueprints to an animated work.

The course requires intermediately-level experience in Photoshop and Illustrator and is our most rigorous course to date.